The Super Smash Flash 2 Game

super-smash-flash-2Super Smash Flash 2 is the second version of the popular fighting flash game which was developed by Unfortunately the full version of the game is not available yet, the developer is still working on it, but you can play the latest version of the super smash flash 2 demo v.0.9. If you have never played this game before, I will give you a small review of the game.  The game is really addictive and interesting, because  it features a lot of characters, and all of this characters are well-known for you, for example you can choose Mario or his brother Luigi, Pikachu from the popular Anime called Pokemon, Sonic and many other characters. Another interesting feature that the developed has made, is that all of this characters have different skills. Some of them may jump high, some of them have gun, some of them are very fast. You should try them all to find out who is the most suitable for you.

Super Smash Flash 2 ( SSF2) has several game modes. This means that you can always find something new in this game, even if you have been playing it for a month. The most addictive is the 2 Vs 2 game mode, where you and your partner have to fight against other 2 enemies. Also, I have to mention that the game has Multiplayer Mode, this means that now you can fight with your friends using your favorite characters, to find out who is the best.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics is not super, I have played some other flash games that had much better graphics, but trust me, no one cares about it when you start playing the game. Variety of characters and battle levels will make you forget about this minus.  The gameplay is really cute, each character has special attack skills and all of them are completely different. The controls for the game are : [A] = Left  [D] = Right  [S] = Down  [W] = Jump or up

[P] = Attack 1   [O] = Attack 2  [I] = Shield  [1] = Taunt  [Backspace] = Pause

My Thoughts

SSF 2 is a really interesting game not only for those who love playing fighting games, but also for those who enjoy playing with friends online. Though the graphics is not brilliant, the gameplay, the variety of characters and several game modes make this game stand above the crowd. Also, keep in mind that this is the demo version of super smash flash 2, I hope that all this small bugs will be fixed in the full version of the game. Hope you will spend great time playing this flash game at out website. Also, check out the official video of the developer, who is speaking about releasing new version of the game and new characters .